Oriental dance

a dance like no other

Bellydance, la danse du ventre, Bauchtanz, Raks Sharki .....
no other dance is connected with so many myths and mysteries bringing up exotic and colorful fantasies inspired by the pictures of harem's scenes painted by orientalists in the 19th century.

Anyone who has ever seen a good bellydance performance would be fascinated by the isolations, snaky movements, trembling bodyparts and the musical interpretation of the dancer.

In fact no other dance offer such a wide range of expression of feminity and personality and no other dance is as underestimated as this one.

Many people start bellydancing because of the positive effects on the body and especially the spine.
But in order to really benefit from it it requires professional and competent instructions and corrections by a trainer.
Oriental dance unites athleticism with artistical creation - just like most other dances- but also needs cultural background knowledge and the key to success are good trainers.

Shalymar is a multiple certified dancer and dance instructor teaching bellydance for more than ten years now in regular classes in Berlin and workshops all over the world.