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Olga was born in the Siberian City Krasnojarsk, where at the age of 8 she got in contact with Latin and Standard dancing for the first time, which shapes her dancing style until this day.
2007 Olga discovered the oriental dance. It progressively won her heart and she expands her knowledge in this dance form until today. Her first teacher was Dina Reinhard who inspired Olga for classical oriental and folklore dance. As a member of the ensemble “Dianas Perlen” she was able to gain a lot of stage experience on numerous events and festivals.
From 2013 on Olga takes regular classes with Shalymar, and is since then a permanent member of the “Hayalina Dance Ensemble”. In addition, she improves her dance skills from German and international teachers, such as: Randa Kamel, Said el Amir, Aziza, Jillina, Natalie Becker, Alla Kushnir, Lorena Galeano, Nawarra, Munique Neith, Jamilah, etc.
Apart from oriental dance Olga always had an interest in modern and contemporary dance styles. In 2009 she participated as a student in the international project „Dancing to Connect“ of the „Battery Dance Company“ coming from New York. In this context she performed in Berlin and New York. 2016 the company gets a three-year contract with the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, and asks Olga to assist as a co-teacher in further projects in Berlin and Brandenburg.
In summer 2016 Olga successfully completed the two-year education as jomdance-stage-dancer. Here she discovered the new sides of such styles as modern and latin dance, and learned how to merge them with oriental dance.