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Born in Moscow, Natalia was introduced to the world of theater and dance at a very early age. There as well as after moving to Germany she performed in different theatrical and dance shows already in school. A little over 10 years ago she discovered the art of oriental dance: it was love at first sight! Since then she dedicates her time and energy to this dance with big passion and loves its diversity.
2009-2010 Natalia was teaching her own oriental dance classes at the University of Greifswald. Since 2013 she is a student of Hayal Studio and a member of Shalymars "Hayalina Dance Ensemble" since its foundation. In July 2016 she successfully finished the jomdance(r) education by Said el Amir as a "jomdance stage dancer".
Natalia keeps on working on her technique and developing her dance style through further education in different dance styles. Her most important oriental dance teacher include Shalymar, Said el Amir, Amira Almaas, Raqia Hassan, Aziza, Nesma, Jillina, Alla Kushnir, Natalie Becker, Lorena Galeano, Eliana Hoffmann, Nour and many more.